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Restoring that Perfect Pout

Thinning lips, asymmetric lips, and fine lines around the mouth are natural signs of aging. These problems become more prominent over time. MaVie’s Volbella treatment is designed to reverse these signs of aging to give you well-defined and naturally plump lips and smooth skin around your mouth. Walk into our luxurious medical spa at St. George, Utah, and meet with our esthetician for a consultation on how Volbella can help you have that perfect natural pout.

What is Volbella?

Volbella is one of the newest FDA-approved cosmetic injectables for fuller lips and smoother skin. This non-surgical lip augmentation treatment targets thinning lips and perioral rhytids (the fine lines around the mouth) that are very difficult to treat.

Volbella contains hyaluronic acid that works to fill in wrinkles and plump up the lips. You will not require a skin test before a Volbella treatment. A small dose of Volbella can gently fill out fine lines in delicate areas. Volbella treatment is unique because it ensures your lips look naturally full and proportionate to your face structure.

The Advantages of Volbella

Volbella’s treatment is painless. With MaVie’s super luxurious interiors and medical professionals at your service, you will be made very comfortable through the procedure. If you are worried about feeling discomfort, our medical professionals will apply a topical gel or use ice to numb the area temporarily.

Volbella offers you results that last for up to a year. Not satisfied with your results? You can reverse the entire process with a simple injection of hyaluronidase. Talk to our medical professionals about how your expectations were not met, and they will reverse the treatment for you.

Unlike several other dermal fillers that give you an unnatural pout, MaVie’s Volbella treatment ensures you look your best with a natural pout. Volbella also corrects disproportionate lips so that you have the perfect pair of symmetric lips.

Our clients love Volbella treatment because it is so quick and straightforward. You can complete an entire lip augmentation treatment in less than half-hour. You can go back to your busy schedule immediately post-treatment.

Many people are not good candidates for dermal injectables, but with Volbella, your chances of being the right candidate for treatment are extremely high. Very rarely do we come across someone who cannot benefit from our Volbella treatment. Volbella treatment is even compatible with other treatments that you might have used recently, such as Kybella, Belotero Balance, Radiesse, Restylane, or any neuromodulator injectables.

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On Your Recovery

There is usually very little recovery that is needed after a Volbella procedure. You might experience mild side effects after the procedure. These could include lumps, itching, redness, tenderness, or swelling around the injection sites. These side effects are entirely natural and will subside without any intervention over the next couple of days.

Volbella should not be used by people who are severely allergic to lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins. Please let your medical professional know about any known allergies that you have.

The Procedure

At the time of your Volbella procedure, the treatment area will be numbed with lidocaine – a local anesthetic – so you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. A predetermined dose of Volbella is then gently injected just under your skin with a fine needle. The entire process – including preparing you for the procedure will take less than 30 minutes.

Results with Vobella

Volbella offers you long-lasting results. Unlike other dermal fillers that last only for a few weeks, MaVie’s Volbella treatment gives you results that last for a year. That means you can enjoy that perfect pout and smooth skin for at least 12 months before you come in for your next treatment.

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