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Lift and Tighten with PDO Max Threads

It wasn’t that long ago that undergoing a facelift was your only real option for skin laxity, such as sagging jowls and cheeks. Fortunately, modern techniques have made the facelift unnecessary for many people. Treatment with PDO Max threads can reestablish a degree of skin firmness without the need for undergoing serious surgery that requires significant downtime.

The PDO Max Thread Lift

This procedure involves the use of temporary sutures that help to lift the skin in a very subtle, but noticeable, way. Instead of removing sagging skin, your provider will use these threads to draw the skin back, leading to a lifting and tightening effect that will make you look significantly younger and healthier.

In addition to the instantaneous lift provided by PDO Max threads, the treatment helps combat aging in another way: it encourages your body’s own natural production of collagen to further lift aging skin. This is important because collagen is a critical skin component that helps to create and maintain facial fullness.

By the time a person reaches the age of 70, their body manufactures about 80% less collagen than it did when they were younger. This loss of collagen production leads to a significant reduction in skin volume and firmness, accentuating and speeding up the development of facial lines and wrinkles.

So a PDO thread lift reduces facial aging in two ways: by mechanically lifting the skin and by encouraging your own body to produce more collagen to further support facial skin and tissues, leading to a very nice anti-aging effect.

Restoring The V-Shape

The most beautiful faces tend to have a “V shape,” meaning that, seen from the front, the face takes on the shape of the letter “V,” which has the chin as the vertex, widening out with the jaws. Unfortunately, the aging process and gravity can cause this attractive shape to lose definition.

A PDO thread lift can help by creating a scaffolding effect for supporting sagging tissues and maintaining the youthful “V shape” in cases where it has been lost or diminished.

What To Expect

Undergoing a PDO Max Thread Lift is a very fast and simple procedure. After thoroughly cleaning the treatment area, your provider will offer a numbing medication so that you are entirely comfortable. They will then use a needle or a type of tube called a cannula to insert the threads under your skin.

You should notice an immediate tightening effect, which will continue to improve in the following weeks once your body produces more collagen in the treatment area.

The inserted threads are entirely safe and will not harm you in any way. Eventually, they will dissolve on their own and be absorbed by your body. Most people enjoy results lasting anywhere from one to two years.

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