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About IV Therapy

IV Therapy is a well-known effective way to deliver nutrients, vitamin therapy and medications to the body in a fast and efficient manner. Supplements and hydration are administered directly into the bloodstream allowing for immediate use of the nutrients. Because of this method of delivery, IV infusion ensures complete absorption for optimal benefits as the nutrients are delivered directly into the cells that need them most.

IV infusion therapy can help individuals de-stress, rehydrate, and rejuvenate the healthy way.

Whether you wish for healthier skin, a better immune system, or simply a hangover cure, IV Therapy is the most natural way to achieve these results. IV infusions have been shown to improve both physical and emotional wellness as your body receives the necessary substance needed for energy and healing.

Maximize your health and boost your physical and mental well-being by indulging in the many benefits of IV Therapy. Look, feel, and perform better with IV Therapy!

How Does IV Therapy Work?

While you relax in a comfortable space at MaVie, a combination of saline, vitamins and other beneficial minerals will be infused intravenously. Receiving necessary vitamins and supplements at a cellular level allows for a faster rate of absorption and efficacy. This means improving lethargy, energy and enhancing your skin in a convenient and efficient way.

Benefits of IV Therapy

IV infusion therapy has many benefits. Our aesthetic providers at MaVie will discuss your goals with you in order to determine what cocktail is best. Delivering 100% of the vitamins and nutrients, IV therapy can improve:

• Colds and flus
• Depression
• Asthma and bronchitis
• Migraines
• DNA repair
• Immune system
• Sore muscles
• Energy levels
• Anxiety
• Wound healing
• Dull skin

In numerous cases, regular IV Therapy has also helped people with weight loss, better metabolism, and is especially sought after by athletes for better performance and recovery.

Please note that if you are pregnant, undergoing cancer treatment, have high blood pressure, or have weak kidneys, please consult your doctor before undergoing IV Therapy.

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A Better Solution For Athletes

When it comes to working out, athletes are always pushing their physical limits. Both in performance and recovery, intensive training can push the limit of hydration and supplementation that is adequate to maintain optimal health. This can quickly wear on the body if not fueled and replenished with the nutrients it needs. When it comes to building muscle, amino acids are essential as this is what forms the vital proteins for muscle mass. IV therapy includes a mixture of amino acids, vitamins and energy boosters, making this an ideal treatment for athletes of all kind.

Allow IV Therapy to assist you before or after your next workout. Whether you are preparing for your next race, or just trying to better your health by staying active, IV therapy in St. George, Utah is a great option. The combination of rehydration and essential nutrients tailored to your needs, makes this treatment even more desirable for all types of athletes.

Detoxify & Hydrate Your Body with IV Therapy

Push your wellness, beauty and performance to peak levels by indulging in IV Therapy. Step foot in our IV lounge for a private space to put your feet up, relax and hydrate.

Book an IV Therapy session today to introduce a fresh wave of health and wellness in your life.

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